Equal and affordable access to research while reducing data fraudulence and improving agility
  1. Reduce Data fraudulence
  1. Improve agility & Efficieny
  1. Reduce cost of transaction


Taking a page from How Google works?”, we are setting up the vision, ethics and values of the DAO. As we progress and become better we will evolve and make our Goals better too. It’s upon everyone to preserve them and hold them accountable when someone is misaligned.
Decision making becomes simples when you can pass it through a simple prism. For us that prism is People > Project > Profits and in that order.

👦🏻 People

  1. Culture - To have a feel of a university campus where everyone is feel to collaborate with anyone and just play and innovate. Seniors are there to guide but not the manage.
  1. Ownership - Don’t just work or lead a project, but really own it like it was your own. You are free to do whatever you want, but if you break, it you clean it.
  1. Learn & grow together - Opportunities are better when more people of part of it. Share them with peers and learn - grow together.
  1. Compassion, Empathy and good intent - Whatever you work on or you do, always do it with a sight of good intent. Be compassionate to others and carry the attitude of give first, take never. Good things may come slow but they eventually come.
  1. Life - Work life balance is really overstated. Work when it needs, don’t work to fill in time. Keep life balanced.

🏗 Project

  1. Tell by building - Your prototype should be your pitch. Don’t wait for perfect time. Fail, Fail faster and move on. Experiment → Launch → Optimize → Scale → Repeat
  1. Continuous innovation - Perfect doesn’t exist there is always scope to improve. Keep improving, keep innovating.
  1. Feedback obsessed - Eat feedback for breakfast. Make it a natural process and free flowing. Better called Feedback Magnet.
  1. OpenSource & Share - We are all solving the same world issues, so when we build something thats better than previous share it with the world. This goes for code, processes and business model as well.
  1. Build in public, Community - We are building it for the world not for ourself, so bring the community very early. Build the community, market and product hand in hand not in batch sequence.

💸 Profits

  1. Dream big, Smart small - Big is not bad, it’s the driving force to provide better. But start small, almost without asking for anything.
  1. Stay lean & bootstrap - Try to find a way to test biggest riskiest hypothesis. Show Proof points early on, then bring people onboard.
  1. Sustainability oriented - Profits are good but sustainability is better. So invest the profits back to making the project sustainable.
  1. Pass the savings - Find ways to make process efficient and pass them on to users and customers.
  1. Compete with not against - Be the Best, but not by making enemies. Compete with them on the same track not against. Healthy competition would go long way in making everyone better.
Last updated - Aug 13, 2022